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So, last time I posted, I made it a goal to post one article on my blog every week. Then I didn’t post another article until now. Well done, me. In my defense, I’ve been basically sick for two weeks, with what I believe were two different strands of the cold virus. I’m certain it’s not Covid-19, as my whole family was tested, and we all got a negative result. I intend to resume and maintain the posting frequency as detailed in the previous post.

The Rookie

My wife and I have started watching the TV series The Rookie . We’re both fans of Nathan Filion, which prompted us to watch it in the first place, and it’s a good series, so we keep watching. Can absolutely recommend it.


A long long time ago, when I was a kid, I used to get these CDs with game demos on them from magazines and other sources, and among one of these demos was one for the game Albion . I fell in love with the demo, and played it many times. Then one day, when I was out shopping with my mom, the full game was on sale, and I bought it immediately.

It’s a very old game for MS DOS, and as far as I know, apart from a re-release on GOG.com, there has been no official remastered version. I’m aware of attempts at remakes, like freealbion , but it hasn’t seen any activity in over 5 years at this point, so it can probably be presumed dead.

I’d like to take a stab at making my own remake of this game. It will be written in Rust, using the Bevy game engine. I’ll post more information and details later, when the project has seen more progress.

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