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January 01, 2024   ·   3 min read  ·   Edit on GitHub 

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Another new lap around the sun has been completed. Well, for me it’s a few months away, but I guess we can’t each have our own calendar.

Ever since I had my very own website so very many years ago (earliest I remember is 2003, but more realistically, I’ve probably had an online presence since 2001) I’ve been wanting to blog consistently. I don’t even care if I have many (any) readers; I just want to do it because it’s good to regularly get thoughts out of the mind and onto paper.

I recall it already being difficult to blog regularly when I was in a good place, healthy and stable. It’s much harder when you’re none of those things. I don’t remember if I’ve ever brought it up here on the blog, but I’m struggling with mental health problems. I have been since 2019. Well, probably since long before that, to be perfectly frank, but it was in 2019 they reached the point of causing me observable effects in my ability to do labor.

I know better than to promise I’ll post regularly to this blog. But I can at least say that I intend to post regularly to this blog. I guess we’ll see how it goes. Here’s hoping the posts I made aren’t all meta, i.e. about the blog itself.

That being said…

Blog updates

While I’m in here writing, I figured I should update some things about the blog, too.

First and foremost, I realized my custom comment system1 was lacking. It required users to manually update the comments by pressing a button, and in order to write a comment, you had to leave the site entirely and go to GitHub. I wanted to keep using GitHub for hosting my comments, but I didn’t want to keep using my bespoke code to fetch and display them. Luckily for me, I’d come across a GitHub comment hosting widget called  while browsing other blogs, and it looked perfect for my use-case.

Second, seeing how Twitter has been completely debauched by Elon, I wasn’t very comfortable having a huge “SHARE ON TWITTER” button be my only share button available. I found a non-tracking share widget in AddToAny  and have replaced the Twitter button with this one.

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